Okay, today we’re working slightly out of order from the pattern, and tackling the elasticated side pockets (steps 31-41) so that you could avoid the twist lock/snap insertion for a wee while yet (okay, 2 more days, but that was the best I could do ;o) )

The good news is, that this part is exactly as per the pattern regardless of which option you go with, unless, of course, you choose to leave them out altogether!

** UPDATE, I’m very sorry, there’s a typo in the pattern and the side pocket lining pieces are actually SL1 and SL2. ย I will update the pattern, but in the meantime I’m so sorry for any confusion!

Tips For The Elasticated Pockets

  • At step 32 when you open the pieces out, before folding along the stitching line I find it helpful to press the seam open first, as it seems to leave the seam less prone to twisting
  • When you come to sewing the casing in step 34, I centre the needle to follow the stitching rather than trying to follow the seam allowance for the top stitching
  • When you come to thread the elastic, you may find it easier to thread it in and pull it through right up to the edge of the casing and basting that side before you pull it all the way through to baste the other end, as there’s less strain on it at that point.


That’s it for this session, these pockets are really quite simple!