Hi all, I’m not here right now, I’m up visiting this little lady:

It’s a bit of a lightning dash after work (a mere 350 mile round trip before bedtime), but Aberdeen is considerably closer for a visit than Shetland ;o)

In the meantime, here’s what I’ve been plodding through this week:

Finishes This Week:

Portholes cushions – finally!  It’s been 18+ months since I started these at FQR 2012, it’s good to get them finished into something!

In Progress This Week:

Glimma Logs – I started attacking my FQ bundle of Glimma last week, starching my way through Death Comes To Pemberley parts 1 and 2, chopping my way through part 3 and Miss Marple, and finally I started sewing through Inspector Alan (wasn’t that a cheery bunch of viewing ;o) )  I hope I can show you more soon!

Mystery Project – yup, sorry, it’s one of them there secret things, but I’m hoping I can show you all in a month or so…

To Be Worked On This Week:

Mystery project
Glimma Logs

Hope you’ve all been having a great and productive new year so far!  Linking up (eventually) to: