I think I lost myself at some point over the last week.  Time vanished, especially over the weekend, and I’m not entirely sure what I achieved for it :o/  I know that my newly decorated spare room is almost done – I put tons of stuff away, including a huge stack of fleece I’d totally forgotten about that I discovered in the hall cupboard.  I hung hanging rails for my Stitch Tease quilt, and my ‘take a photo of big WIPs’ wall.  I cleared out a good deal of said hall cupboard, stuck stuff up in the loft, and binned a pile of other stuff.  I tidied the hall a bit.  I caught up on all my blog reading after dashing all over the country last Wednesday.  And.  Um.  Oh I got a block done.  But it’s a secret *sigh*  Hope your week was more productive!

Finishes This Week:

Secret block:

In Progress This Week:

Erm *cough*

To Be Worked On This Week:

Argh, too much, can’t think!

Yeah, I’m not even bothering to link that pathetic offering up!