It has been one of those frantic weeks, as I’ve been banished to Leeds for work for this entire week, and I’m away at my mum and dad’s for the weekend, all of which has had a bit of a knock on effect on my productivity so far!  Right enough, my productivity might have been higher had I not quilted, and then un-quilted something twice *ahem*  I think I’ve got it sussed now though…

Finishes This Week:


In Progress This Week:

This is the offending pile of fabric that has been quilted and un-quilted again.  I normally don’t un-quilt, but the thread I’m using is quite high contrast in some areas, and there were distinct issues showing up on the black (not pictured)

I started my Whole Lotta Bag Along bag this week, and have managed to get up to the end of next Monday so you’ll have posts while I’m away.

To Be Worked On This Week:

Re-quilt.  Again.

I think that’ll keep me going while I’m confined to a hotel, where I suspect the other residents don’t want to hear a sewing machine going at 1 am like I usually do at home ;o)

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