Move along now, nothing to see here.  No, really, not a thing to see here this week!  I was away from home for a week with work and then for a little pleasure at the end, and it’s really thrown me creatively!  I took stuff with me, but spent every evening with my colleagues, and then the weekend was mostly eating out and a photography course.  The one creative highlight was when I dropped by to see Trudi on Friday evening, and forgot to leave *ahem*  I went the next morning, after we got a little carried away drooling over her new toy and talking plans for the future and lost track of time on Friday night.  Well, maybe I was the only one drooling…

Finishes This Week:

Uh huh.

In Progress This Week:

I unquilted every last thing on this last night.  Still, after talking to Trudi I have confidence in what I’m doing, and she saved me some prospective arm ache by suggesting an alternative to a labour intensive option I had been considering!
I also came up with a charity solution to a pile I’d offered in the Great UK Destash over on Instagram, and found the evidence when I went to type up the notes from last week’s workshops when I was back in the office today ;o)

To Be Worked On This Week:

If that rainbow pile isn’t finished soon I may be slitting my wrists!
Hope you all had a better week, I’m not linking up lol