I suppose I ought to feel mildly ashamed, but no, I’m not ;o)  After my trip to Leeds, I came home to find it had rained fabric, and then yesterday I met up with a group of Scottish garment sewing bloggers, and we relieved Mandors of quite a bit of fabric ahead of their annual stock take today, wasn’t that nice of us?

My first parcel came from Cat & Vee in Australia.  I saw one of their panels on Kirsten’s blog, and then on Fiona’s blog, and then I went ‘baaaaaaa’, and followed along to the shop where I picked up a few things just before the new year.  The very generously threw in an owl too, perhaps they thought I ought to be listening to something wiser than a parrot:

Next was The Village Haberdashery.  These are destined for a very special project, I just need one or two other things before I get going:
Then there was Karen at Blueberry Park.  Now strictly speaking I only sold during the Great UK Destash that Emily organised a couple of weeks ago, but then Karen caught me out a week later, and I relieved her of these panels.  There’s a bunch of panels there, but I didn’t have room to spread them out, and the IG pic she took has been deleted, so you’ll just have to trust me that they’re all lovely!
Finally Mandors.  Now I always have a bit of a splurge on something in February, partly as a ‘happy free council tax month to me’ and partly as a ‘happy birthday to me’ (usually not on the actual day though), and this was the day for the splurge.  I have big plans for some of these, and no plan at all for others!  Mandors very generously gave us a discount for the day too, on top of the sale.
This is a gorgeous velvet that was on sale for £5/metre, down from £50/m.  Now I have absolutely no plan for this, but at £5/m, I grabbed 3m just in case!

This is a quilting cotton that is destined to be the lining of a bag I have planned, which has bigger bikes on the outside.

This is a fun Alexander Henry print, which I will use to make something sewing bag related, but I don’t know exactly what yet, but, you know, again, it was in the sale!

‘Mr Mandors’, as I always mentally refer to the boss, put me on to this stuff.  I really wanted to find something like a heavy weight wool, but wasn’t actually wool (due to horrible allergies to the stuff)  This is a beautiful polyester blend, that is the same sort of weight as the heavy wool home dec weight fabric, but actually seems to have a slightly more stable back for adding interfacing and the like.  It was quite hard to photograph, as it’s all soft blues and greens with those cream and chocolate stripes.

I added this to my corduroy ‘to make a skirt’ collection.  I have quite a large collection, and no skirts…

I haven’t quite decided what I need to do with this, and it was a nightmare to try and photograph, but you can see at the edges that it’s a textured corduroy.

Finally I went dumpster diving into the scrap bins and pulled a fabulous selection of fabrics of all colours, materials and textures.  I have plans for what to do with them, for the most part, but as it’s really along the embellishment line, you’ll be thrilled to know that a) they won’t all be seen together, and b) it won’t be any time soon given the pile of other projects I have on.  They were only £5 for 10 though, so I really couldn’t pass up the opportunity.  Honestly, I couldn’t…

And finally I picked this up in the swap that was held after lunch on our day out.  It would have gone to the charity shop otherwise, and I thought it would probably work quite well for a bag at some point.
It’s all neatly put away for now, but I’m hoping to get to play with some of them soon…