A few weeks ago I went down to Chester to attend a product photography workshop run by my friend Lee’s photographic company, Welshot Imaging.

Now I should say, everyone needs a friend like Lee.  A loud, exuberant, passionate Kiwi, you can never lose Lee in a crowd, and she’s not afraid to say exactly what she’s thinking, and sometimes even what she isn’t, such as shouting over a crowded room to my dad to ask him if he was ‘Okay playing with himself in the corner’.  He was.  Kind of ;o)

Anyway, Lee is my business hero.  When we first met in an online photography forum 6 1/2 years ago, she and her husband were working looking after an old lady and her house/gardens in Anglesey, but her big dream was to set up a photography company.  Initially the idea was to supply stock images of Wales, but by the time the company launched, along with her friend and business partner Eifion, just over a year later it had evolved to also deliver training and provide an ‘alternative’ camera club type set up in the form of an ‘Academy’, and to do product photography for local business (including everything from chocolates to hotels via estate agencies!).  It’s still evolving as she gets more and more (sometimes mad) ideas, including workshops around the world!

A perfect partnership, Eifion is the calmer, quieter photographer, while Lee leads the business side of things – I want to have Eifion’s photography skilles and Lee’s mad business and networking skills when I grow up!

At the Product Photography Workshop, Efion and a couple of team leaders were on hand throughout the day to talk us through lighting, using a range of different options from big pro flash studio lights, to fixed daylight lighting, taking in light tents, light tables, big backdrops and more on the way.

We had products from a number of different business types to play with:

  • Hazel from Homewood Bound Collections in Ruthin brought a selection of items from her shop, both vintage and new
  • Catherine brought along both cleaning products and Arbonne makeup, both of which she consults for
  • Jen from Lavender Blue Florist in West Kirby brought along some flowers, and then did some fantastic modelling for us in the afternoon
  • Darren from Edgleys Floral in Llandudno brought along a large array of flowers
  • We also had a make-up artist and a milner, but unfortunately I forgot to lift their business cards, so big apologies to them!
  • Oh yes, there was me too, I brought along bears and bags for people to play with.
Over the next few weeks, if people are interested, I’ll do a walkthrough of the photos I took, what I learned, what I need to learn more of, and any tips I can think of, but in the meantime, here’s a preview of one of the photos I took, with products from Hazel, Darren and me:

If anyone would be interested in getting professional photos of their products taken, and live in the Anglesey, Chester or Manchester areas (or are able to get there), the Welshot team would be happy to work with you on Academy lighting evenings and workshop days, where both they and the students will supply you with photos at the end.

If you’d like to attend one of these events to learn more for yourself, or would like to learn more about your camera and photography in general, please contact Lee at Welshot, and she’ll be sure to help you out.  If you’re not in the area, she assures me that online training is in development at the moment.