I was reading a post the other day, where the author had pulled her favourite winter colours.  I was surprised, because they didn’t automatically say ‘winter colour palette’ to me, but the longer I looked, yep, it was that truly depressing, grey, dreary and miserable shade that winter normally is round here.

It would be fair to say it definitely was not to my taste, but then I started to think more about what I did think of as ‘winter’ colours.  I took a little tour through the Design Seeds site to find what I was imagining winter to be, and here’s what I came up with:

1. Cold, snowy and icy:

2. Cool blue skies and evergreens:

3. Icy and glacial:

4. Gorgeous icy clear sunrises:

5. Frosty leaves:

And then I found what more realistically reflects what I actually see on a more regular basis.  Oddly enough she didn’t seem to have a palette for perpetual rain though:

1. Grey and brown gloom:

2. White out:

3. Gloomy dark woods:

4. Stark wood piles:

5. Leafless, soul-less parks:

Hmm, I think I’ve found what I hate about my actual winter, too much brown and grey!

So what do you think of as a winter palette?  Do you still imagine bright, cheery colours for winter, or are you more realistic with your choice?  Which would you prefer to make a winter ‘something’ from?

As a fun aside, I took this quiz the other night, after seeing it on Jessica’s site.  The irony of the colour palette is not lost on me…