Hi, and welcome to day 9 of the Whole Lotta Bag Along – we’re nearly done!

Today we’re assembling the lining, so it’s going to be a day of a whole lot of ifs, depending on what you chose to do earlier!

Tips For Finishing The Lining

If you chose to follow the pattern including the zip bridge, then I can suggest:

  • Once you’ve attached the zip bridge in step 121, it might make it easier to open the zip before you try to attach the sides, it will make the whole thing a bit more flexible
  • Otherwise, follow the pattern as is :o)
If you’re doing the pattern, but have skipped the zip bridge, then you will need to:
  • Attach pieces O13, O14  to pieces ML5 and ML6, then assemble the inner bag exactly as you did the outer bag
If you’re doing the changing bag option, then you will need to:
  • Assemble the lining exactly as you did the outer bag

For all of these options, can I suggest that you trim the lining seam allowance, especially at the base, as it will allow it to fit more snugly.

I hope this all makes sense, but if not, feel free to contact me :o)