Ugh, what a week!  Last Friday I got out of bed, and found my lower back was in agony.  That’s what happens when you have hypermobility syndrome, sometimes you go to bed, and the next morning you get up to find something’s shifted where it shouldn’t do overnight, and then it takes a few days for everything to get back to where it should be o.O  That pretty much wrote off Friday night, Saturday and most of Sunday, although I did manage to get my Whole Lotta Bag Along bag finished.  I quilted some more of the rainbow, but it still isn’t done – I’m so frustrated, as that was the plan to spend all of Saturday just getting it done *sigh*.  I’ve also been ignoring a chest infection for the past week, so it reared up and bit me big time yesterday, so it was off to the docs for me today.  I did manage to achieve one thing, in anticipation of another event coming up – I’m now a .com o/  I really hope you all had a better week.

Finishes This Week:

Whole Lotta Bag Along bag.  I’ll show the final thing in Saturday’s post, the wrap up of the sew along, but here’s a sneak peak inside it:

In Progress This Week:

The rainbow.  Yep, that pile o’ fabric is back…

To Be Worked On This Week:

Getting better
Getting that bloody rainbow done!

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