So how are you all doing with your finishes for the quarter?  Consider this your 2 week warning til the absolute last time you can link up your finishes, so go and examine those lists and get cracking!  The link up opens a week today…

Finish Along 2014

I was doing abysmally on my own list until about 2 weeks ago, and then I suddenly pulled my finger out and got to it, so I’ve now managed 4/5 on my list, and the last one will quietly slope off the list again for a while ;o)

So I managed the rainbow secret creation – it wasn’t meant to be a secret beyond the middle of January, but things happened and it kicked my backside for 2 months straight.  It’s now a secret because the recipient has left the country for a few weeks, and so won’t see it until the show at Uttoxeter.  I’m sorry, honestly!  But as I’m not eligible to win prizes anyway, it doesn’t matter if you can’t see it ;o)

I also got Lockheart finished:

And then I got the 2 cushions on my list finished up over the weekend:

Firstly my Japanese X & + blocks from a couple of years ago:

And then my teeny hexies from about 18 months ago:

Unfortunately I didn’t have the foresight to get in cushion forms the right size, so you’ll just have to see them flat right now.

Now I’m sure you don’t all have time to be sitting round reading blogs, go get to those lists, mush, mush!