Back in January when I wrote my list of 5 whole things that I wanted to get done this quarter as part of the Finish Along, I didn’t foresee a number of things coming up, like that rainbow kicking my arse, or the week of work travel, or several weekends away, or being ill.  That being said, it’s taken until this time to get even one little finish out!

This was the sad little sight that I saw until a few days ago, and in fact he was even perched on top of a pile of stuffing in a paper bag:

I had originally been going to have a bear making student back in January, however she’d only just bought her first sewing machine and realised that she really needed to learn to use that first, so the plan to finish this wee guy that I started in a workshop a couple of years ago with my friend Dawn (I’d gone with my mum as it was her Christmas pressie) never materialised.

I couldn’t take the guilt any longer, having rediscovered him in the grand room reshuffle, so I finally set to and attached his ears and closed his seams:

Now for a name for him – any suggestions?