No, no, not like that, ending your lines of quilting, silly!  I have just finished burying about a million thread ends from a very densely quilted couple of areas on the rainbow (no, you’re still not getting to see it yet, it’s still not bound ;o) ), and I’ve been forced to examine my sanity levels (especially as I’ve actually quilted those bits twice, and had started burying before calling it quits on version 1)  So here’s my question for you all:

How do you deal with thread ends on your quilting?

Quilting something like this, I just sewed off the edge of the top for the matchstick part, and for the 4 floral parts, I didn’t mind burying 16 thread ends (4 per flower, 2 at each end):

I trust, perhaps erroneously, that the binding seam will deal with sealing off the ends of the matchstick quilting lines.

If, however, I had the quilt below and decided that I was going to do, say, matchstick in the big squares, with highly contrasting thread, such that doing a couple of stitches across at the end of each line to reach the next one would be horribly noticeable on the square and/or the background fabric, and you’d therefore have to finish each line individually, how would you secure it so you didn’t have to bury all the thread ends?

Answers on a postcard please, I need to preserve my sanity for future quilting projects so that I’m not always forced to do edge to edge quilting to save myself from the dreaded ends…