Ahh, it’s that mad time of the week again, lets see what I’ve got…

1. So how closely do you bond with your household appliances?  Well enough to have a date more than about once a month? (that may be just me)  Well enough to name them?  Apparently around 80% of Roomba owners feel so passionately about theirs that they name them things from Rosie to Roswell to Saraghina.  Hmm, I think my vacuum cleaner (who I can’t even remember the brand of let alone name the thing) will remain unchristened…

2. From naming things, to getting names, or rather tags, wrong, during the ‘no makeup selfie’ craze last week, a large number of people accidentally sent donations to Unicef, and some nearly adopted a polar bear from WWF rather than donate to Cancer Research UK.  The charities are now trying to disentangle the mess, but next time you want to donate, send your pledge with the right tag, and save them time and money trying to sort things out!

This is correct:

And this is what happens when you get it wrong:

3. Now speaking of mad online acts, what do you use your blog for?  Bit of sewing?  Bit of creativity in other areas?  Bit of cooking?  Announcing to the world that you are consciously uncoupling?  No?  Not that last bit?  Still trying to work out what that last bit means?  Well that’s how Chris Martin and Gwyneth Paltrow announced on their blog that they were separating.  Well okay then!

4. In case Chris Martin’s feeling isolated after the split, there’s a few places he can hang out now, thanks to a newly compiled list of the most isolated bus stops in the UK.  How about this one with Shaun The Sheep in the middle of the North Yorkshire Moors for example?

Or perhaps this one at Islay Airport (looking a bit crowded though!):

And to prove that they don’t all involve sheep, a rather utopian idyl in Cumbria:

5. And finally, incase you’re reading this between rounds of Angry Birds or maybe Squeaky Dolphins, you’d better be careful, apparently the US and UK are spying on you.  I’m not entirely sure what they’d get about me from my Angry Birds data right enough, other than that I’m a terrible shot, and am thoroughly stuck not particularly far through any of the games…  Possibly they won’t be suspecting me of launching an attack with a seagull or pigeon any time soon then (as they’re the only birds I can think of that are readily at my disposal)

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