Do you ever go out to buy something and come back with something entirely different?  Come on, I’m sure it’s not just me…  Anyway, I went out to get some vintage photo props yesterday from Love Salvage over in Govan, most specifically a crate of some sort, and came home with… well… a Singer Featherweight (and a few other wee props, but no big crate).  I’m totally blaming the IG peeps that made me do it.  It was all Fiona’s fault really…

I’ve managed to find out the following about her:

  • She was born in Clydebank between July and December 1917
  • She’s a 99K model
  • She has the original stitch length knob which has, helpfully, no numbers on it whatsoever (and never did have)
  • She’s totally hand cranked
  • Other than a little filigree wear and tear, she’s remarkably undamaged given that she was sitting out like this in the middle of a massive warehouse of all sorts of things, and people potentially playing with her all day, I only wish I would look this good at 97
  • In her tool box she has some needles and (plastic) bobbins, along with a receipt from 1992.  I’m assuming that not long after that she was permanently packed away somewhere
  • I suspect her base and case, while obviously build for a 97, are not her original, as the original cases I can see online seemed to be wooden, while mine seems to be of the same material as those vintage little brown suitcases, although maybe that depended on factory?
  • I’m thinking Featherweight is a misnomer, she weighs a ton! **edited to add, turns out, that’s because she’s not, she’s a 3/4 size model of the 66
Thanks to a lovely friend, I also now have a set of feet for her in the US (those sets seem to sell at lightning speed!)  The deal on eBay was fab, the shipping policy not so, but we got round it and I’ll collect in May :o)  Here’s what it has in it:
  • Ruffler Foot
  • Seam Guide
  • Multi Slotted Binder
  • Edge Stitcher
  • Binder Foot
  • Adjustable Hemmer
  • Foot Hemmer
  • Tuck Marker
  • Gathering/Shirring Foot
  • Tension Screwdriver
  • Flat Blade Screwdriver
Given her hand crankiness, I’m not planning to switch mainstream production over to her, but I think that:
  1. She’ll make a fab photo prop
  2. With all the specialist feet, I’ll be able to try things that I can’t on my other machine because I don’t have a second mortgage to buy the equivalent feet for it – like $42.50 the set for the Singer versus £54.95 ($91.36) for the Brother ruffler foot alone
So, err, brought anything random home from the shops recently?  Tell me it’s not just me…