I love hand printed fabrics, the bright colours, the quirky designs, and the fact that they’re unusual, so if I make a bag from them then I know it will be unique.  A couple of months ago I grabbed some Umbrella Prints Trimmings packs, along with some packs from Blueberry Park and from Summersville, and started plotting (while forgetting to take pics of the Blueberry Park and Summersville packs, sorry ladies!)

After a bit of sifting, I chose a colour palette:

A bag spotted on a train into town sparked an idea, and off I went making up some (kind of) QAYG panels

Then I got a bit stuck trying to work out how best to sew the bits together without having all the bulk from the batting in the seams.  Thanks to a tute I saw on assembling QAYG quilts, I had a bit of a brainwave, and eventually, after a few weeks of procrastinating (because it wasn’t a particularly simple solution), I finally got it together and made the bag (it is straight, but perhaps I should have pressed it!):


And I took it out for a wee trip the other night too:


Can you guess what my inspiration was?  It was very 80’s :o)