Okay, so the first order of business for today is a redraw of 2 prizes that weren’t claimed in the Q1 FAL last week, so here goes:

1. https://www.flickr.com/photos/allierae/  wins:


2. http://bumblebzs.blogspot.co.uk/ wins:


Please contact me to claim your prizes ladies.

Moving on, on Wednesday I had a couple of ‘nearly finisheds’ which I got done yesterday and took out for a photo shoot.  Today we’ll look at the quilt, and on Monday I’ll show off the bag :o)

We’re lucky in Glasgow that quite a number of wealthy people in the past died and left everything to the city, so we have these random pockets of massive houses and country parks in the middle of the city.  One of them, Pollok Park, I’m rather fond of, so I decided it would be the perfect back drop for a little photo shoot yesterday evening.  We’ve had some glorious weather so far for the Easter weekend, so it seemed perfect.

Ideally I’d like to have got all the chimneys in this, but I think you can see the quilt was about to take off!  It probably wasn’t helped by the curved railings.

One of the many random little follies and things around the house, just to the right of where the previous photo was:

3. Look at that blue sky!  It’s been so long…

4. A little close up on the quilting – I wanted to keep it simple and in keeping with the pattern of the quilt.  (Oops, apparently I hung the quilt sideways in this!)

5. A fun wee rollup shot in the flowers:

6. You can’t see the quilt that well in this, but I do love this row of trees.  It will be even prettier when all the flowers at the base of them come out.

I had a few firsts with this quilt – I’ve never done a border on one of my own patterns before, never worked with all retro prints before, and never used invisible thread for the machine binding before (absolute god send BTW, it’s going to be the only way forward from now on!)

Final Stats:

Fabric:  American Jane – mostly School Days, with Punctuation and Multi Pezzy in the border, plus Klona cream backing
Thread:  Aurifil 2021 50 wt for both piecing and quilting
Batting:  EQS Sew Simple Supersoft 100% Cotton
Size:  90″ square approx.
Piecing:  All done by me in one crazy night
Quilting:  Straight line on the diagonal through the squares
Quilted by:  Again by me, in one other crazy night
Pattern:  Out of my head, loosely based on the traditional Irish Chain pattern