This week we’re in London and taking a (virtual) tour of Tikki Patchwork as part of the Finish Along Sponsor Highlight series.

Recently I’ve become more than a little obsessed with 30’s prints while setting up my little photo area, so I really enjoyed looking around the dedicated 30’s Repro Section.

I think I may need some of these wee cowboys.  I have absolutely no idea why, and it’s not like there are any rodeos in the neighbourhood, but aren’t they cute?

Okay, so they might be an acquired taste, but how about these more basic prints:


Not feeling the 30s vibe?  Maybe you’re feeling the bird vibe that’s been flocking into ranges recently, like this Moda Hearty Good Wishes?

Maybe you’re feeling a little dotty?

Hmm, apparently with the last few picks I’ve been feeling a little blue, so maybe you’d like a few more colours, like this Lush Paint Palette:

Huh, that last one might work quite well with those cowboys…

Anyway, there’s plenty to see at Tikki, and if you’re ever in Kew Gardens, pop into the shop itself, so that you can drool over the fabric in person!  But maybe take wipes, they probably don’t want your drool all over the fabric, that just not nice.