Ahh, it’s that silly time of the week again, when we Randomeers do our best to entertain the masses…

1. So one of the big stories of this week was how Microsoft has finally ended support for Windows XP.  Other than in the office (well, up to a couple of months ago anyway), I haven’t had an XP machine in years, but apparently more than 1/3 of homes and businesses around the world rely on it.  There has been ‘outrage and disgust’ from people that the support will no longer be there.  This baffles me slightly.  I’m pretty sure that the majority of these users will have upgraded their actual machines several times since 2001, you know, because they needed better, faster, more stable kit.  They also probably got new phones, tablets, TVs and no end of other technological improvements in that time.  WHY do they not expect that the thing that runs their computer will need to be replaced so that it can run better, faster and in a more stable manner just like everything else?  Ooh, sorry, did my less than inner computer geek come out here?  Oh well, RIP XP, I don’t miss you at all!

2. From one techie story to the next, a number of BBC journalists recently did a series of selfies showing who they thought they were.  I was curious, what would you take a selfie of?

3. From the basic techie to the downright loony techie, have you heard about the fish farms in the high rise buildings in Hong Kong?!  Apparently the locals’ desire for fish rather outstripped supply, especially as much of their fish comes from China where there’s been a lot of food health scares of late.  It’s an interesting concept, mind you, fishing in them would be somewhat like the proverbial barrel shooting exercise (albeit you’d get wet feet)

4. From one nutty thing to another, did you hear about the 9 month old baby charged with murder in Pakistan?  Yeah, he was arrested along with 30 other men accused of stealing gas, when they were, in fact, protesting about electricity shortages.  The judge was not amused…

5. But the nuttiest thing of all that I found this week?  That would be the woman in Peterhead that’s taken to decorating dog poo on the local streets with strawberries and cream.  Apparently it’s to embarrass dog owners into picking up the poo, and/or to encourage the council to clean it up more quickly.  Uh huh.

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