I hope you’re all busily writing your lists and checking them twice, to, of course, decide which WIPs are naughty or nice…  *ahem*  Okay, don’t forget to link up your Q2 lists here, and I’ll never try to be poetic again ;o)

Finish Along 2014

Ready for a few Q1 stats then?

  1. At the start we had 223 people link up.
  2. At the end we had 133 people link up.
  3. We had 435 finishes!
  4. That’s an average of just over 3 per person
  5. We had 13 awesome sponsors/prizes


  1. 3 people linked up finishes that hadn’t linked up at the start – you need to start in order to finish ;o)
  2. About 5 people missed the link up at either end, as they didn’t remember the time zone (clock is at the bottom folks!)
  3. 2 people linked up finishes dated pre-2014 – it has to be done in this quarter!
  4. A number of people didn’t link back to their initial lists, making me don my Sherlock hat (with the help of a friend) – hat head does not become me!
  5. Several people didn’t quite get the 1 link per finish per draw entry thing – I’m going to do a tute on this to make it all easier to understand (I hope!)

That said, you all did an amazing job, I hope you gave yourselves well deserved pats on the back.

I shall be back on Friday to announce the prize winners :o)