I think I blinked and missed a good 5 days of the last week – what on earth is going on?!  Admittedly I worked late a few nights, but really, it’s disturbing.  Anywho, I was quite productive when I wasn’t working or sleeping, so I’m quite happy with what I got done, but a wee bit worried about what else I have to do in the next week and a half beside the charity run thing I’m doing with work Friday night/Saturday, lunch with my parents on Sunday and Commonwealth Games training on Monday, oh yeah, and the day job.  It’ll be fine though, right?  Right?!

Finishes This Week:

The Personal Bag (still needing a better name for this!)

In Progress This Week:

These 2 pieces are well on their way (with some friends) to becoming 2 more bags:

And I’m pattern testing a skirt for my friend Rachael, but that’s a secret til next week (which should give me time to shave my legs or something…)

To Be Worked On This Week:

Finish the skirt
Finish the bag
Get some sleep

Hope you all have a great week!   Linking up, as ever, to: