Sometimes it’s nice to be able to come home and not quite be able to open the door because of parcels behind it (after you’ve finished cursing the postie for not trying to project them a bit of course).  Earlier this week I came home to two pieces of happy mail, or rather I came home to one bit, and Jack came home to the other.  I’ll let Jack go first, as he’s only little…

Hmph, only little indeed, you’re my staff you know, not the other way round!  Anyway, LT’s friend Helen, encouraged by Archie of course, got terribly concerned that all LT seemed to be worried about was making sure that she got to travel handmade and hadn’t paid one bit of attention to me!  Can you imagine ignoring the star of the show?!  Everyone only wants to meet me anyway.  So Helen very diligently set about remedying this sad state of affairs:

Hmm, my legs do that too at times…  I flipped it over, and what did I see?  She’d made me my very own bear-paw block bag, and written me a lovely note about how worried she was about staff neglect (well it wasn’t quite put like that – LT)  Was too.  It’s my letter, not yours you know!

And here I am trying it on for size – perfect!  I’m all set for the trip now.

Meanwhile, whilst Jack was doing his best fashion show demonstration of the new accessory, I was opening up my Blueberry Park fabric club bundle.

Aren’t these lovely colours?  I’m adding them to the last set and doing a lot of head scratching to work out how exactly I’m going to use them all!