I love Cori Dantini’s work, but although I’ve collected panels from each line she’s done so far, along with a few blenders (always with the plan to use them in a bag), I never actually use them.  Never.  They’re beautifully folded waiting for the perfect pattern.  This year I decided that I had to start to just use the good stuff, so having received a set of Hello World panels from my friend Allegory, I determined to make a bucket bag, with the shape of the top inspired by a bag I saw one of my colleagues at the day job carrying one day.

Originally I’d planned to put the giraffe on one side, and the bird on the other, and I pulled fabrics from the Indian Summer charm swap pack to make patchwork pieces that would make the bag up to the width I wanted, but having made up the panels, the wise gurus of IG said the colours didn’t really go together (I kind of feared that when I asked the question to be honest), so 2 bags it was.

Given time constraints, only the giraffe is complete at the moment, partly because on the bird one I wanted to add some embellishments and knew I wouldn’t have time to make them, so it will follow later.

To be honest it ended up rather deeper than originally planned, due to a slight lack of foresight when creating the front panel, but that’s quite okay as it means I can stuff it with all sorts of things when I’m away.  It goes beautifully across the body because of the top shape, so you can tuck it behind you a bit when carrying it, however I think when I come to make another with this shaped top (not the bird, as it’s already cut to the same size!) I will go for a much shallower base, and perhaps not make it as wide as this one is either.  Still, it actually works rather well to take to the market or something, as it would hold lots of things.

Inside is a basic zipped pocket, for the things you don’t want to lose in the bottom of the large main part.  There’s also a simple magnetic snap closure for the bag, as I wasn’t really envisaging this as a handbag that would need to be secure.

There’s an adjustable strap too, depending on whether it will be worn on the shoulder or across the body.  It was the first time I’d tried to effectively make a tab for the rings out of the side of the bag rather than separate pieces, and it worked rather well, thankfully.