Okay, after a special request to be able to live vicariously, here’s the stuff I brought back from Quilt Market.  Some I bought, some was free, and I’ll try and point out which as I go:

These I bought at Sample Spree – 2 x Melody Miller FQ bundles for Cotton + Steel, 1 x 1 yard bundle of Indelible, 1 x 1 yard bundle of Urban Jungle, 1 x FQ bundle of Paint, 1 x FQ bundle of Hello Sushi (sorry, I forgot about the last 2 in yesterday’s post)

All this was free: 1 x FQ bundle of Urban Jungle from the designer herself, thank you Sara! 1 x pack of the new Botanics Aurifil that I won in Carolyn Friedlander’s Schoolhouse, 1 x sizzix die, signed by Jenny Doan, 1 x bundle of the new Chambray from Rachael from her Imagine Gnats shop (technically this wasn’t at Market, but from my roomie), 8 mini charm packs from Botanics, Best Day Ever, Cotton + Steel, One For You One For Me and Figures, 2 x Aurifil multipacks, 1 x corduroy FQ (came with a book further down)

This I bought, along with 2 bolts of cuddle fleece (a bolt has 6 yards BTW, it wasn’t that extravagant ;o) )  I need to sew it up soon, it’s moulting everywhere!

These were all free, cuddle fleece bag from Shannon Fabrics (came with the cuddle fleece, funnily enough), canvas bag from Sizzix (from a nice lady at Sizzix), 2 canvas bags from Cotton + Steel (1 for attending the Schoolhouse, and the other came with the fabric I bought)

This is a mixture, the book at the back was free, and in fact is a signed copy from the author (I would have loved to get more of these, but my luggage allowance wouldn’t ;o) ), the Cotton + Steel lookbook I bought at Spree, the spools of stuff (it’s not thread, kind of more like cord, but it isn’t) I bought at Spree, the roll of cotton webbing I bought on the floor at Market (it was part of their display, so I picked it up at the end), the Bloc Loc ruler I bought at Spree (Leanne promises me this will make me like HSTs…), the quick curve ruler I got on the floor at Market, and the black template, that you can’t see details of very well, I will tell you more about later.

I hope that made you all feel better, but really Leanne took home much more ;o)