Well what a whirlwind of a week that was!  Thursday I was at my gran’s for dinner, Friday I drove the charity run participants straight up from work up to Kenmore, Saturday was the actual run back to Glasgow starting at 6 am, which, by the time we went to the pub at the end and I drove everyone home, got me back home at 10:30 pm, Sunday I went out to lunch with mum and dad, and then did my holiday clothes shopping until 6:30 pm, and on Monday from 8:30 – 5:30 I was doing my Commonwealth Games leadership training.  I went back to work yesterday for a rest!  Anyway, I actually did get some making done in there, amazingly…

Finishes This Week:

I was pattern testing last week for Rachael for her new Alder Skirt for Women pattern.  I used a lightweight cord to make this, and I promise it fits me with a straight waistband, but Diana wasn’t co-operating (unfortunately I didn’t get it hemmed and the waistband finished until mum and dad had gone home again, and I haven’t got room to set up the tripod in a space that fits me in too, so no photo with me)

In Progress This Week:

These panels are almost 2 completed bags now, and at least one will hopefully will be done tonight:

To Be Worked On This Week:

Covered notebook to take away with me
New pouch for my phone
A couple of wee drawstring bags

That should do it I think, and my machine is going in for a much needed service when I’m away too.

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