It’s time for the weekly drool-fest, where we take a look at one of our fabulous Finish Along sponsors, and this week it’s Pink Castle Fabrics:

With Market freshly behind us, Pink Castle has a whole heap of new offerings for the discerning fabric shopper (and let’s face it, even for the less discerning amongst us ;o) )

With all the hype surrounding it, I’m sure you’ve heard of the fabulous Cotton & Steel line by now, and Pink Castle have a new Cotton & Steel club, where every month 12 Cotton & Steel prints will drop through your door.

You can also pick up all the Cotton & Steel bundles for presale, along with the Heather Ross reprint of Far Far Away:

Then, of course, there’s the fabulous Arizona, complete with sparkly bits:

I might need some of these calicos for my retro photo setup:

And this Candy Buttons bundle is a nice tour through some of the rainbow too:

I might need a little Garden Party Tango as well:

Now when’s pay day again?