It’s that time of the week again where we take a grateful look at one of our Finish Along sponsors and show off how you could spend your prize money

I have a particular soft spot for Sew Me A Song, especially after I got to go shopping with Becca at Market for new stock.  There’s loads of good stuff coming in over the next few months, and it looks like some of it’s already here!

I love this Stof newsprint bundle with its 2 colourful prints to offset the neutrals:

How fun are these street signs?  They would make an interesting blender:

I have a bit of a thing for sewing pattern like prints, and I love this one from Yuwa:

And its cousin:

Hee hee, this is appropriate given my invasion of her buying trip – Riley Blake’s British Invasion:

Oh I already love the macaron print from this line, I wish I’d spotted this one before:

I will leave you with the following dreamy looking double gauze bundle, how soft would a quilt made from this be?

Head on over to Sew Me A Song and see what you’d like to rescue from Becca’s shelves.  Seriously, she has loads of new fabric coming, she needs to make space ;o)