Do you remember this photo, that I tortured you with for months and months?

Well off it went to the British Quilt & Stitch Village at the start of April, went on display at the end of April, came back here because the exhibitors apparently couldn’t read the entry form where it said where to post it back to, languished in the sorting office for 2 weeks while I was at Market, and then, finally, got sent to my dad for his birthday.  4 1/2 months late.  Whatever.

Anyway, now he has it, and here it is:

The quilting on this gave me fits.  FITS!  It was pieced in January, but then I started quilting the centre part and didn’t like the spiral in the middle.  Twice.  So I unpicked it.  Twice.  Then I consulted quilting guru Troodles and we decided I needed to go bigger in the centre.

Having sorted the middle, then I had the triangle sections.  Ugh.  My first attempt at this wasn’t great.  I was trying to carry across at the end of each line, but with the variegated light grey thread, black borders and dark blues, the stitches at the end of the line were super visible.  So then I tried stitching all the way round in black to try and hide it (I’d done both ends in the grey thinking this would work).  And then when that spectacularly failed I tried cutting the threads at the end of each line and burying the teeny ends.  So I got about 3/4 of the way through that exercise when I realised that the first ends I’d ‘buried’ had started to pop out.  And then I had a small temper tantrum.  Feet were stamped.  Toys were hurled out of prams.  And then I grabbed the seam ripper and frogged every.single.stitch.  And then I started again 1 row at a time.  And then I buried so many more ends my hand got cramp.

Anywho, after all that, I actually got a judging sheet this year (last year as I’d had to pick mine up at the end of the show in a hurry I didn’t get one).  Here’s what it said:

Satisfactory on quilting?!  I’ll take it with bells on!  Given that I was a little flak happy when I got to machining on the binding, I’m surprised that got a good lol.

Overall I’m happy I didn’t get any ‘Needs Attention’, and it turns out the recipient likes it, so that’s a winner on its own!

Final Stats:

Fabric: Klona solids
Thread: Aurifil 50wt for both piecing and quilting
Batting: Warm & Natural
Size: Approx 45 x 30
Piecing: All me
Quilting: FMQ and straight stitch
Quilted by: Me
Pattern: Me again.  The centre part was inspired by a bee block I made for Jennie last year for Brit Bee, which my dad had admired, so I made that bigger and better and went from there.  I liked the regimented sides compared to the improv centre