Whew, 2 weeks after getting home from Market, I’m still trying to catch up on things, but at least I got my May bee blocks in under the wire.  There’s also been a lot of other bits and pieces happening, but it’s all been typing things up, supremely boring and not photo worthy!  Therefore, I apologise for the paltry collection of photos in this post, I do hope to get better for next week…

Finishes This Week:

Bee blocks for Clara for Sew Modern Bee.  The request was bright white centres, lots of bright colours and a few LV and texty prints in there.  I hope I ticked all the boxes!  I must also thank my fellow Brit Bee-ers because after our epic sewing marathon down at Ceri’s to make a couple of quilts for Terri, my scraps apparently gained a few new buddies, several of which made their way into these blocks…

In Progress This Week:

Oh, oh, I did take another photo this week of something that was mostly writing.  This took me about an hour to do in Illustrator – I have a long way to go in learning the dark arts of Illustrator!

To Be Worked On This Week:

More typing up, but also some reworking of a couple of older projects, which should hopefully include photos!

Hope you’ve all had a great week!  Linking up with Lee and the gang: