Last weekend was truly miserable weather wise, which made it the perfect weekend for sewing.  Firstly I finished off the latest round of the Brit Bee medallions, then I made a bag, and then I had to sit down and write up pattern stuff for said bag.

I also attempted to finally learn how to use my Wacom tablet (that I got in the Boxing Day sales) in Illustrator.  That was, um, painful!  I learned a number of frustrating things, such as the fact that you can’t use it to trace over something you’ve drawn, because the scale is totally off, and that you can’t rest the side of your hand on the tablet like you would when drawing with a pencil on paper, and that there’s a whole bunch of functions I’ve never touched before in Illustrator that suddenly needed to come into play.  I think I’d rather arrogantly assumed it would be easier than it actually was, and there was a moment that it nearly flew out the window!

I hope your week was easier…

Finishes This Week:

Brit Bee medallion round.  Alas I actually forgot to take a photo before I popped it in the post, and it’s meant to be secret squirrel anyway, but here’s some of the fabrics I was playing with:

And I got this bag made up, the pattern should follow shortly:

In Progress This Week:

It’s him or me, place your bets now…

To Be Worked On This Week:

Finish writing up that pattern
Maybe start on another
Go to another Commonwealth Games training session.  This week it’s venue specific training – I’m working at Tollcross Pool, my training will be at Hampden Park (that’s the national football stadium for those not in the know!)  I’m not sure how specific this can be!

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