So I realised that I completely forgot to write a list for myself for Q2, and thought I’d better get to the Q3 list quickly before it was half over!  I’m still going to be crazy busy between work and the Commonwealths for a while, so I’m going super easy on myself for a while.  These all seemed to fit the bill, so we’ll see how far I get…

1. Christmas Quilt.  I know, I don’t like to mention the ‘C’ word before about the 20th of December, but this should be simple:

2. AMH Voile Quilt.  I already have a voile + velveteen quilt, so this is going to be the summer weight version with voile on the back too:

3. Pretty Potent Pillowcases.  These are a mixture of cotton and voile, and I’m just basing them on some pillowcases I have in the linen cupboard:

4. Modern Quilt Bee Quilt.  I was hoping to jump start on these over the weekend, but then I realised I only had 10 rather than 11 blocks.  I don’t mind having to make 2, but I wasn’t feeling up to pulling all that fabric for 2 blocks:

5. Glimma Logs Quilt.  I started this as a simple project around New Year.  All it needs to finish the top is 2 logs in white, then I had planned to practice my FMQ on each of the logs.  I might do this along with Jess, but I doubt I’ll be able to keep up, so we’ll see.

Wish me luck…