Okay, you asked for it (well, one of you did ;o) ) so here’s some stats from Q2 of the Finish Along to keep you going while you dream up your Q3 lists:

Finish Along 2014

The Good:

  1. At the start of Q2 there were 181 people who had linked up
  2. At the end of Q2 there were 124 people who had linked up, and we had an almost 100% reference back to starting lists, yay!
  3. Nobody missed the link up at the end due to time zone issues (or if they did, they didn’t tell me ;o) )
  4. Proportionately, 9% more people linked up finishes than in Q1
  5. We had 408 finishes
  6. That’s an average of over 3 finishes per person!
  7. We had 10 fabulous sponsors
The Bad:
  1. 2 people had finishes that weren’t in their starting lists
  2. 2 people failed to link up all their entries individually, so got only 1 entry into the draw
  3. 2 people entered a non-finished item (they were lovely, but not finished!)
The Ugly
  1. 5 people misspelled my name (you’re lucky you didn’t get docked entries ;o) )
  2. 1 person failed to get a functioning link in both the start and the end parties so I couldn’t find them to look at their lists – please check that your links work when you enter, it should look something like:  http://fairyfacedesigns.blogspot.ie/2014/07/a-made-to-measure-medallion-finish.html  If you see something other than that sort of URL, ie it starts referencing your bloggerID and lists and things, then it won’t work.
You all did a fab job, keep up the good work!