I have to admit that I don’t really know which way is up right now.  I’m working a lot, wrapping up the training for the Commonwealths, and quietly losing my mind.  At least as of next Wednesday I’m off the day job for a week and a day, albeit I have 6 days of Commonwealth work in there.  Once they wrap up, I’m hoping things will ease up a bit, keep your fingers crossed please!

Finishes This Week:

The little spare time I had was spent on bee blocks, in an effort to clear the decks, so I did block #2 for Trina in Stitch Tease (I really must find out what in Picasa web albums turns these bright whites grey, they’re fine until I load them here!):

And then these summery ‘That Block’s for Sew Me Sara for the Modern Stitching Bee:

In Progress This Week:

You must be joking

To Be Worked On This Week:

My mental health

Linking up with Lee and the gang: