So did I do any sewing this week?  Did I hell!  Having walked literally miles each day, and gone to a few things after my shifts, I popped out to see the lovely Helen this morning (on my day off), who is over with her husband to see some of the games.  I also got to shop for some cold remedies, after a generous spectator donated some icky germs, and a new washing machine after mine died during the spin cycle over the weekend.  Living the life I tell ya!

Having done what I thought was my last shift yesterday, I got an e-mail last night to see if I would be able to do a couple of shifts at the Emirates at the weekend.  It’s less than half a mile down the road, so I said yes, but haven’t heard back yet if I’ll be needed.  Which of course means not much sewing coming up either, as I have a ticket to the athletics on Friday at Hampden!  Oh well, I’ll sleep when I’m dead, and sew if the Games haven’t killed me…

Here’s a couple of photos of Jack to entertain you anyway…

With the Clyde Mascot at Tollcross Pool (where I was working)
Ready for the rugby sevens finals at Ibrox

My team were inside for a couple of shifts, but I didn’t really see any races!
On the last night we were lucky enough to get in to finally see some swimming!