Having been a tad late with some of my bee blocks in the last couple of months, I was determined to try and catch up and get ahead of the game again this weekend by completing all my August blocks.

Firstly, Ange asked to do some lovely easy blocks for Stitch Tease (hey, we’re getting into the habit of easy blocks girls, can we keep it up please? ;o) )  She asked for 8 mini cross blocks each, which will make up a border of her Marcel Medallion quilt (smart lady, it’s the only way I’d ever make one!)

Then Rhonda asked us to make some Union Jack blocks using a tutorial from the fabulous Molli Sparkles which I was a bit wary of at first, but turned out to be much quicker than I’d imagined, in fact they took about as long as the crosses did!

I’ve also been plugging away at the Brit Bee medallions, but they’re super secret (for the recipients!), so just consider them done ;o)