The latest issue of Quilt Now was stuffed through my door this morning (and I do mean stuffed, the regular postie’s on holiday and the guy that’s covering is, well, challenged in the delivery department). ย This is the new magazine being edited by Katy Jones of I’m A Ginger Monkey fame, and a few months ago a number of us were asked to contribute something to one of the first 3 issues, which had a variety of themes. ย I went for issue 2, the Nautical one, and embraced my inner sailor/beach bum.

I found myself sandwiched between the lovely Reene, and my fellow Brit Bee, quilter extraodinaire, Trudi. ย (Brit Bee Mama Lauli was in there too, with her own beach bag, which you can just see above on the front cover)

So here it is, the Nautical But Nice Bag (not named by me, alas, but I think I might just commission Katy to name all my patterns in future ;o) )

Although it’s a fairly simple looking bag, I threw a few different techniques in there for a bit of fun:

  1. Raw edge applique
  2. Piping
  3. Magnetic snap setting
  4. Grommet/eyelet setting
  5. Inset zipper pocket
I also tried to put in plenty of photos to help you along, but as with all my patterns, if anyone needs any help with anything, I’m always here :o)

I hope you enjoy the issue, there are so many fabulous projects in there it will easily keep you going until next month’s comes out!