When I was at Spring Market I met Linda Winner, from Winner Designs on the Sunday.  It was a quiet day, and great to learn more about lots of products once most of the shop buyers had gone home and the people at the stalls had time to chat.  Anyway, she was working at the Martelli stand, and was kind enough to show me their templates, including her round off templates.  She gave me one to try out for my bag making, and having made a few bags now using it, I thought I’d give you a review.

The easiest way for me to show you how it works was to record a video of me using the template for the bag I was making with the Sew Fine Fabrics in Monday’s post so here you go:

Now this is the first time I’ve ever had to record a video (we never had a video camera growing up), so I will apologise for the following:

  1. The number of ‘ums’, ‘ahs’ and variants thereof
  2. The speed at which I talk
  3. My hair and left boob that sometimes make it into shot – unfortunately you can only record video in landscape mode, and apparently I leant into frame a few times
  4. The fact that I sound ever so slightly like I’m about to have a nervous breakdown…

Anyway, if I managed to ‘sell’ you on the templates (and they are really good, I love rulers/templates that don’t skite off the fabric at every available opportunity), you can find a whole collection over at the Martelli website, including squares, circles and triangles.