Well I’m stick hacking up a lung here, and my voice still sounds like I should have a starring role in the Frog’s Chorus, but I did manage to get some sewing done this week.  I would have had an entire quilt, but the wasps nest which had seemed to be outside earlier this summer seems to have found a way into my loft, aka the basting area, so I need to arm myself with some wasp spray before I can finish that one!  So, you know, I started a few other projects in the meantime, as you do…

Finishes This Week:

This lot has turned into a Christmassy something, which will be revealed in a few months:

My third AMH pillowcase was finished once the extra voile arrived.  The perfect pattern matching was a complete coincidence that I couldn’t have achieved if I’d tried!

In Progress This Week:

This pile’s quilt top is partially taped to the loft floor with the wasps, so no in progress pics I’m afraid!

I got these panels done, then reached the ‘thinking’ part of that project, so set it aside to do the pillowcase on Sunday night when I realised my brain was all worn out:

I’ve also cut this lot up to make my summer weight AMH voile quilt before summer is over completely:

To Be Worked On This Week:

August’s bee blocks
The AMH voile quilt
Wasp assassination

Hope you’ve all had a great week!  Linking up with Lee and the gang: