Sorry for the unplanned break last week, but we’re back today with one of my favourite sponsors (well, let’s face it, the only one that’s ever taken me shopping for her actual shop!), Becca from Sew Me A Song:

Becca specialises in Japanese and ‘contemporary’ fabrics, but I like to think of her as specialising in fussy cutting and texty goodness.  The things that if you were able to curate an entire stash of fabric just for, say, art quilts or paper piecing, this would be the place to do it.

My text fabric supplies got rather depleted in my recent 9 Patch Curves venture, but I think these would make up for that nicely:

Becca also has a stock of blenders that I’m rather partial to, such as these from Cori Dantini.  I have a soft spot for Cori Dantini fabrics at the best of times (big project with them coming up actually), but I really do like these blenders, just a little different from your average polka dot:

One of these days I’m going to grab this 29 FQ bundle of Suzuko Koseki prints, doesn’t it look pretty?  Plus there’s all sorts of quirky prints in there.

In the new arrivals section this made me giggle, not least because it’s about the shape of me in a swim suit (trust me, not a vision you ever want!)  Heather Ross mermaids, eat your heart out ;o)

Look, fabric just for me!  It must be for me, it has my initial on it..

And finally chocolate, text, butterflies, musical notes and architecture, how many more trends could one cram in one bit of fabric?!

Okay, off you all pop now to peruse the shop, trust me, you’ll get sucked in and end up with a rather larger stash as a result ;o)