I was kind of working last weekend, as well as several nights this last week, and I also took my gran and her friend out to lunch on Saturday and sat and chatted to them all afternoon, so Sunday was my main sewing day this week.  I’ve not done badly, all things considered, with lots of cutting, some sewing and some fabric ordering (to top up a bundle I already have in order to make a quilt for gran’s friend, but shhh, she doesn’t know about it!)  I have also plotted a pattern for said secret quilt, as well as for my IGminiswap partner.  I may or may not be working this weekend, but for the next week and a half I’ll be making sure I have everything I need finished for the Stitch Gathering!

Finishes This Week:

Sadly, none.

In Progress This Week:

I’m 95% done on my swap tote for the Stitch Gathering.  We were sent a plain tote with a logo for the Stitch Gathering printed on it, and given free reign to decorate it for our secret partner.  I removed the centre, and ‘portholed’ the Oakshott scrappy heart in a circle.  This is where I got to on Sunday evening, and the rest shall remain secret until the big day…

Then there’s class prep for the class I’m actually teaching at the Stitch Gathering.  I’m teaching a block fronted tote class, and this is the starter for my block  It won’t necessarily be in this order, but I pulled my fabric in colour order:

Did I mention I was cutting?  This is for my Craft Buds Craft Book Month post next week:

To Be Worked On This Week:

More cutting, and some sewing for the Craft Buds post
Making those triangles into a dresden, and creating the block for my tote
Cutting out the rest of the fabric for my tote
Finishing my swap tote

Hope you’ve all had a great week!  Linking up with Lee and the gang: