As I write this, I’m cowering at one end of my living room, where the computer is, while the most enormous spider canters round my sewing area at the other end.  It’s a shame because I was actually on a bit of a roll with the project I started playing with over the weekend.  Maybe it knew I was still missing my binding fabric (that I’m hoping will arrive in the next day or so), but either way, I do hope it doesn’t think it’s moving in there…

Finishes This Week:

Ha, not one little thing

In Progress This Week:

During my enforced internet outage last week this progress to all the curves sewn and 2/8 rows sewn together, but although my camera was still functioning just fine, I failed to take a photo of the whole thing on the design wall in my excitement to get it sewn together, sorry!

I played with a few new techniques over the weekend, but the spider has foiled my attempts at a near finish:

 To Be Worked On This Week:

My spider assassination skills/denial skills
Finishing the ‘play’ project
Working with some Tula goodness

Linking up with Lee and the gang: