If it’s time for Fall Market, it must also be time for the Fall Bloggers Quilt Festival.  My blog feed is filling up nicely with quilts being shown off, and my IG feed is filling up with the fabric that will no doubt feature in the Spring Bloggers Quilt Festival.  Since it was all kicking off, I toddled off to have a look at my quilty finishes in the last 5 months and discovered…

I Katy Cameron, hoster of the Finish Along 2014, am the slowest quilt finisher ever.  I have finished precisely no more quilts than I had in May, oh the shame of it!  That’s not to say I haven’t finished anything mind you, I have a lovely set of pillow cases, more bags than you can shake a stick at and a Christmas stocking, but no quilts.  It’s also not to say I haven’t started any.  I actually have all of these on the go:

I swear this is an entirely basted quilt now.  A whole weekend’s retreat worth of people saw me basted, so it honestly isn’t a figment of my highly overactive imagination, it’s just not finished.  And I haven’t taken another photo since this one.

Then we have this, from my Stitch Tease bee mates.  I had really high hopes of getting to this on our recent weekend away, but it’s not got further than the top 2 rows sewn together (after I’d filled all the curves in and, you’ve guessed it, forgot to take a photo):

Then there’s this one, started at the weekend away, but now I’ve changed my mind on the recipient because all laid out it became clear it was too pink/peach for the original intended giftee, so now I’ve had to swap with the other recipient in my to do list:

Which then brings me to this one, which needs a whole bunch of HSTs to be sewn and used to fill in the gaps, and another 3 rows added on the bottom (there’s 3 rows already there, I know it’s not particularly clear, sorry!)

I’m just not even going there on these 3 either, I don’t have the energy!

I hope you fared better than me in the finishes for showing off stakes!