I know some of you are hanging out for these, and others of you are cringing in anticipation, so let me put you all out of your misery for another quarter.

Finish Along 2014

The good bits:

  1. 155 people linked up at the start of Q3
  2. 103 people linked up at the end of Q3, and about 99% remembered to link back to their starting lists
  3. Several people missed the link up for the start of Q3
  4. No-one confessed to missing the link up at the end of Q3
  5. We had 367 finishes linked up at the end of Q3
  6. That’s an average of 3 1/2 finishes per person
  7. Which is an 8% better achievement rate than Q2
The bad bits:
  1. 2 people STILL haven’t claimed their prizes for Q3, 1 more day to claim people, then I redraw!
The really bad bits:
  1. People still can’t spell…
  2. 1 person STILL failed to get a functioning link in both the start and the end parties so I couldn’t find them to look at their lists – please check that your links work when you enter, it should look something like:  http://fairyfacedesigns.blogspot.ie/2014/07/a-made-to-measure-medallion-finish.html  If you see something other than that sort of URL, ie it starts referencing your bloggerID and lists and things, then it won’t work.
Och, I think I’ve nearly got you all whipped into shape now and its almost the end of the year!  I’ll be announcing next year’s victim host soon…