It’s the start of Quarter 4 and time to celebrate our sponsors one last time.  This week is grand prize sponsor The Fat Quarter Shop:

As it’s the week before Market I just know that the FQS team will be out shopping this weekend for a huge range of new fabrics, but in the meantime, here are a few lovelies that I think you need to help relieve them of, you know, so they have room for the new stock ;o)

Okay, so this one isn’t actually in stock yet, but you can preorder.  Look at all the pretty colours…

I do have a bit of a weakness for aqua and grey, so I might need this:

This is not my usual type of print, but I do rather like the saturated colours and rug patterns in this.  Oooh, it might make a great bathmat maybe?

I swear this pattern has been sweeping the blogosphere/IG of late, and here’s a kit to save you raiding your stash:

I rather fell for the bright colours in this at Market back in May, so I think I might need to rescue this.  Just as soon as I think of a project for it…

Okay, that’s me exhausted my virtual wallet for now, now off you go and exhaust your real ones ;o)