Ha, so there I was yesterday telling you all that I didn’t have a single quilt finish since the Spring Bloggers Quilt Festival and then a kind soul reminded me I had made this in June (it had slipped through the net having been filed under ‘pressies’ rather than ‘finished quilts’ in my photo archive):

The story behind this is that I made it for my parents’ ruby wedding anniversary at the beginning of July.

I started by grabbing a ‘Ruby’ bundle from Oakshott, which seemed rather appropriately named, not to mention the fact that Oakshott cottons are woven in India where they’ve enjoyed 2 recent holidays.

Then I grabbed some flip chart paper (the perks of being the child of someone that does a lot of presentations in their day job) and drew out a heart shape, then created the outer borders and cut out my ‘inner’ and ‘outer’.

Splitting my fabric into warmer and cooler wefts, and using the paper as a foundation, I started to improv piece the heart first.  I started off with the entire heart, but then realised it would be easier if I cut it down some and then joined those bits together afterwards.  Having learned from the heart, I split the outer into 4 sections right away.

Once both the inner and outer bits were pieced, I then took a bit of yardage I’d bought of one of the middle red tones, and created a ‘porthole’ with the outer bit.  I used both blanket stitch and straight stitch to hold it in place, partly from a decorative point of view, and partly because as it was a big shape, I was a bit worried that at the straight stitch part any small movement out of place would lead me to missing a bit!

I then grabbed 5 different shades and weights of Aurifil and did a star burst type effect with the quilting, since I didn’t want to do any heavy quilting on it.  I promise the whole thing is both straight and flat, it’s just that it had been folded up for quite some time in its wrapping before this, because I forgot to take a pic before I handed it over…

I’m entering this into the Original Design section of the festival, as that’s where I thought it fit best.

The Stats:

Fabric: Oakshott Rubies throughout
Thread: Aurifil 50 wt for both piecing and quilting, plus some 40 wt, 28 wt and 12 wt for the quilting
Batting: EQS Sew Simple Supersoft 100% Cotton
Size: 24″ square approx.
Piecing: Me, myself and I
Quilting: Straight line starburst effect
Quilted by: Again me
Pattern: From the deep, dark, recesses of my mind