I thought I’d keep you on FAL tenterhooks for just one more day, because I’m mean like that.  And I can ;o)

So whilst I’m teasing you, I thought I’d show you some of what I was sewing last weekend.  Before I left, my nutty Sewing Summit travelling companion from 2 years ago, Laura at Quokka Quilts, came out with a new pattern.  6 FQ buster, she promised, so of course I grabbed 24 FQs, ‘cos bigger is always better, right?

The option on the cover is for 6 blocks with borders.  There’s a 6 block option without borders, and also a 9 block option.

So I’m making the 12 block option. Sorry, what was that?  Deviating?  Moi?  Would I?  Erm, yeah.  Those blocks are BIG, and I had a big pile of FQs, and no yardage for borders, so I’m growing mine organically.  Which is kind of appropriate for Mormor covered in flowers:

Yeah, yeah, there’s only 8 there, but there *will* be 12 in the end.  This is the front BTW, the back is the rest of the stack in another 12 block LO.

The pattern is a really great use of FQs, and if you go for a 9 block (or more) option you can theoretically have no repeat prints within a block.  Well, that is until you try and overthink the layout like I did.  Here’s my one tip for the pattern.  Don’t overthink the layout, otherwise you may find yourself threatening to stir the whole lot up in a big mess and stomp off in a huff to hold up a friend’s quilt for a photo (because you’re a handy size for that).  Not that I did that.  Nope.  And I also didn’t come back to find 2 friends playing around with the layout to try and save me before I did something drastic *ahem*

If you’d like to grab a copy of the pattern, head over here to Laura’s shop, and use the code Plum20 for 20% off the pattern price for this week.