Well hasn’t the weather just been delightful recently?  For those of you that haven’t been graced with Hurricane Gonzalo, lucky old you!  Nothing like being blown across the carpark on your way into work o.O  Still, it’s making it entertaining when looking out the window of the office shows the sky going dark grey to blue and back all in the space of one teleconference!  Hmm, did I just admit to staring out the windows in meetings? *ahem*

Anywho, while I was hiding out from the weather over the weekend I was working on 3 projects for upcoming publications.   Unfortunately I can’t share 2 of the finished things, but I can give you some previews, if you’ll excuse the IG pics.  I’ll give you previews of the fabric side though, the pattern side looks pretty boring in a photo ;o)  Hey, I wonder if there’s a prize for the number of substrates being used in one week – I have quilting cotton, leather, batting, denim, home dec weight cotton, felt and metal.

This time next week I’ll be just finishing up a business trip to London for 3 days, so I suspect my WIPs might not be too P’ed next week!

Finishes This Week:

This is done and written up – Cotton + Steel basics + Mirror Ball Dots + gold leather FTW!  This one will be out in December in Love Sewing:

This is written up, and should be out fairly soon, keep an eye out for the next Intrepid Thread newsletter:

Yay, a finish I can show you.  Now I’d like you to carefully contain your excitement here, but I extended my design wall along the whole length of the curtain pole that’s at the top of my living room wall.  Are you ready?  Here we go (that bottom corner isn’t flash BTW, it’s real, live, actual sun, albeit briefly):

In Progress This Week:

Now after the excitement of that last finish, here’s a Quilt Now project I’ve been working on, but isn’t quite done yet:

Oh, I cut this all up now too.  It’s just lots of squares though.  Lots and lots and lots of squares.  I was a real geek and tally marked them all too to make sure I had enough!  They’re why I needed to extend the design wall though, as there will be much head scratching with the layout for this one:

To Be Worked On This Week:

Finish the petals
Bee blocks
If any sanity remains, start laying out the squares

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