As this post goes live I’m travelling back from London with work, but I did have quite a busy time before I headed off on Monday.  I would have said partly because of the extra hour when the clocks went back on Sunday, but I ended up having an afternoon nap that might have mitigated that ;o)

On Saturday I headed over to the SECC to the Hobbycraft show, where I caught up with Jo of My Bearpaw, and Hazel at Remnant Kings, but to be honest as shows go, I probably would only go to if I had a free ticket (as I did this time, thanks Nessa!)  Still, it kicked a few creative juices into gear from those two stalls, so that was worth it.

Please excuse the IG photos in this post, but as I was travelling I forgot to bring my camera card!

Finishes This Week:

With it being the ‘rainier than usual’ season right now, a waterproof handbag was a must.  Obviously.  This will get a full airing at a later point this week, but here it is for now:

In Progress This Week:

My squares are getting laid out now for the Reunion Quilt, but I rather lost the will after 3 rows, and the handbag took over ;o)

To Be Worked On This Week:

Those bee blocks, enough said

Linking up with Lee and the gang: