Last Saturday I seemed to spend my time running all over town around fabric shops and craft shows.  To be fair, a lot of it was my own fault – I’d gone to the craft show in the morning, and come home about 2 pm for lunch, but then having eaten lunch I suddenly decided that the one and only thing I could possibly do on Sunday was to make a new handbag to take on a business trip to London.  As you do.  So I headed over to the Remnant Kings home decor shop at Clyde Place and picked out some laminate fabric that would be up to the job.

Now I should point out that I hadn’t run out of laminate at home, I just didn’t have any bits that matched each other, so I packed a few scraps to take with me to match.  That was the point at which I found some more appropriate (and grown up) matching fabrics and just had to have that instead…

I loved the French label print, but couldn’t find another grey that really matched tonally, so I decided to go completely off the wall with the pinky-red solid instead.  Fabric in hand, I headed home and drew up the pattern pieces, and on Sunday I pulled it all together.

The finished bag is 12″ w x 9″ h x 5″ d, with a detachable, adjustable strap, and shorter handles.

I fussy cut both sides as best I could to get a different label each side.

And gave it a zipped inside pocket using a lining fabric I picked up when I was staying with Susan last year.

I also popped some feet on it to stop its bottom getting scuffed.

At some point I’m going to make a bigger, weekend bag sized version of this, and write up a pattern, just don’t hold me to a date please!