So in amongst all the other things that have been going on lately, I have been regularly producing things for Quilt Now magazine.  Issue 4 has been out for a wee while now, but there was a bit of an issue converting some people from the 3 reduced price to full price Direct Debits, so I was only just able to get hold of a copy.

Anyway, this is the Christmas themed one, where you can get your craft on in time for the big day with everything from advent calendars to a wreath quilt, but I made what everybody, big and small, looks forward to on the big day:

Using some fun Robert Kaufman Merry Moustaches fabric, I made a pocket Christmas stocking.  Now there was a reason for the pocket – round here Santa always leaves some shiny coins, which always, without fail, end up jumbled up in the oranges and apples he also leaves at the bottom of the stocking, so there’s always that challenge to get them all out without half your coins rolling irretrievably under the sofa ;o)  I figured other people would also have some wee gifts they didn’t want to get lost, so there you go, a pocket Christmas stocking.